Last week I had the chance to visit Brasilia and could get closer to the work of Oscar Niemeyer. The city was totally impressive, especially for me as architect. I dreamed a long time of visiting this extraordinary urban project in the middle of nowhere.

This city feels like it has dropped out of any human scale. And we did our whole sight seeing tour by foot, what a mistake. The humid heat and …


Shops 301–302, Level 3, Lee Garden One, 33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

With a great ceremony at the 6th December the new ZEISS VISION CENTER in Hong Kong was opened. Beside a delegation of ZEISS Manager from Germany including the CEO from ZEISS VISION have joined close to 150 people this exclusive event.

The multifunctional conference centre is located on the ground level of a new student hostel. This floor was originally planned for use as student apartments, like all the upper levels. The challenge was to find a solution for an efficient and flexible organization of conferece rooms. 660 sqm now offer enough space for 170 people and contain 6 conference rooms, 2 toilets, 2 storage rooms, 2 …

The Collection.

The innovative ZEISS EYEWEAR Architekt Kollektion line of eyewear was envisioned by architect and designer Elmar Gauggel, and made a reality by ZEISS EYEWEAR. It features eight frames, each distinct and striking. The Architekt Kollektion combines bold creativity and meticulous precision. It includes full-rimmed and supra styles, standard glasses and sunglasses, and men’s, …

Latest picture from the busy construction area in the headquarter of ZEISS in Oberkochen.


The multifunctional conference center is located on the ground level of an new student hostel. This first floor was originally planed for using also as student apartments, like all the upper levels. To find a solution for an efficient, economic and flexible organization of conferece rooms was the specific challange. The 660sqm offer now enough space for 170 people and contain 6 cenference rooms, 2 …

The reconstruction of the ZEISS VISION CENTER in Lee Gardens One Hong Kong is starting in the beginning of August 2017.



Telefónica Messestand in Halle 12

Zum ersten Mal seit zehn Jahren präsentiert sich Telefónica Deutschland wieder mit einem großen Messestand von 400 Quadratmetern auf der CeBIT. Unter dem Motto #DigitalesLebenGestalten zeigen die Fachbereiche der OnLife Telco verschiedene Themen, Lösungen und Produkte für das digitale Leben. Formsprache und Design des Standes in Halle 12 sollen die Symbiose …



Als ein befreundetes Paar ein ehemaliges Bungalowhaus aus den 1960er-Jahren in exklusiver Halbhöhenlage in Pforzheim erwarb, verliebte sich Elmar Gauggel vom Büro LABOR WELTENBAU auf Anhieb in das Projekt. „Das Bestandsgebäude wirkte im Vergleich zu seiner Nachbarbebauung sehr unscheinbar und kümmerlich. Ich sah das Potenzial, es in eine moderne Lifestyle-Villa …

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