Zeiss Table


Featuring halogen lighting, meticulous craftsmanship and solid construction from the ground up, the ZEISS Tower is the key component of the new ZEISS Shop System.The monitor integrated into the ZEISS Tower offers the patients multimedia experiences that can be enjoyed on the ZEISS Cinemizer or on headphones.

In addition to providing valuable information, the ZEISS Tower entertains the patients of then optician and provides them with an enjoyable way to pass the time while they wait. Since every interior layout is different, the ZEISS Tower is available in three different versions. As a standalone unit, the ZEISS Tower can be placed practically anywhere in the room. The ZEISS Tower Mini serves as a fully-functional, ultra-compact desktop solution and the ZEISS Table is a multipurpose coffee table solution. Each model consists of a multimedia unit along with space for marketing materials and a storage compartment for brochures, etc.