Eyeglass lenses and frames must be fit together perfectly to ensure individually optimized vision. In 1932 with “Perivist” ZEISS brought the first customizable frames which enable an anatomically optimal, secure position of the lenses in front of the eyes and customized fitting to the market. With the ZEISS EYEWEAR Architekt Kollektion we want to bring the claim of perfect fitting of lenses and frame design to the next level. An exciting collaboration, between the architect Elmar Gauggel and ZEISS brings cutting-edge design and precision together.

The designs are an interpretation of how quality, contemporary eyewear should look given the capabilities of computer aided design, modern materials characteristics and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Sophisticated forms and shapes are realized to create distinctive and individualistic fashion eyewear pieces. Each frame in the collection has an individual design personality and makes a clear statement that the wearer is confident with, and appreciative of, good contemporary design.

With great attention also to details and selection of premium materials as well as with development of very precise, special construction and manufacturing technologies the ARCHITEKT KOLLEKTION comes without compromising best fit.

As Homage to the ARCHITEKT profession the Models take their nomenclature from first names of well-known architects.