Leica Showroom Solms

Description: The Headquarter of the Leica Camera AG is an fabric from the early eighties. Since years they wants to remodel there entrance and shop area.

This year my ofice get the chance to rebuild this space. With our design we want to give Leica a new and modern face. We call our concept "Step into Leica". The visitor goes through the big fragmented Picture and when he turns around he stands in the middle of a well known Leica Retail Store.

Also the meeting rooms and the studio with laboratory was integrated in the new concept. We tried to interpret the Leica Corporate Design in an unforgetable architecture installation... the aim was, making the brand more attractive and valuable.


A business meeting at the production, on a Friday, what a brilliant idea…. Its going to be one of those…. All in light grey, grey flooring, air conditioning and so on….. I’m reaching the building…Industrial architecture, oh, well…..lets make it quick!

The door opens. All black! The room without ceiling and floor. Black! Bright color pixels start to arrange themselves to an exhibition. A picture begins to rise. Cristal clear with fascinating images. But only fragments?

It sucks me into this illuminated space. Now I walk through this fascinating picture fragments, Cameras floating in front of me, old ones, younger ones, latest model, Leica S2. They are like floating in a wall made of glass, separating consulting from the meeting area.

This could be my meeting room.

I turn around, no more pictures! All of a sudden I am surrounded by a complete Leica shop! Wow, there are all my dreams! I can choose the S2 Leica camera and all those marvelous objectives.

Red light! There, behind one of the displays, a fully equipped photo studio, and a digital print lane. All state of the art!

In front the entrance counter. A simpatico voice belonging to a nice young woman asks me from behind the counter: “Some coffee? Your meeting is in the studio, you can go ahead”

The business meeting in the Studio? She might be wrong. I go where I’ve been told, and,……. stepping around the corner….all white…nearly to bright to see: Floor pure white, ceiling white, all walls white…it`s really a photo studio! Where photographer and model should be on work a conference table, white. And chairs, of course white, too. Should I take my shoes off.

After the meeting I get a tour through the Print and photo lab.

The door opens, I step out of a new Picture of Leica, back into the real world. Was it real? Or even better?