The first floor is a complet open and floating living area, with warderobe, kitchen, living room, work room and a huge 60 sqm terrace. A room-high and wall to wall panorama window, seperated in four sliding parts, open up a unique and fantastic view into the beautiful green landscape. In our vision is here the center of the house, where the family can live between indoor an outdoor without any barrier. The terrace is south-west orientated, ideal for all seasons. And inside the whole level is soaked of daylight, because of the huge panorama glazing.

Into the garden level we have planed three slepping rooms, two bathrooms and a playroom for the 3 and 5 year old childrens. The sleeping room of the parents laying in the middle, between nusery, bathroom and garden terrace. The bathroom is a 20 sqm scaled Spa, with a walk-in shower and a free standing bath tube on a higher platform.

From outside the House is pure white. Inside we choose some soft fawn coloured tiles, wallpapers, and other materials which bring in a dirscreet warm spirit. The ceiling in the first floor is vanished, because of the specular reflections, this effect should appear more height.

The house looks very small in its environment, especially in the street view. So we are looking for an idea which makes the house bigger without scaling up the budget and the existing squaremeters.

The solution was a simple steel construction of rectangular sticks, which finalize the shape of the original house to a geometrical form. The open and lightly construction transfer the house in an absolute outstanding architecture in this location.